FARM COMMAND | Crop Ventures, Inc.

Harvesting Data.
Yielding Profits.™

FARM COMMAND leverages hardware and mobile technologies to optimize land and cattle management work on your farm.


Use your smartphone, tablet, or pc to manage your operation

Set up your operation

Identify locations, invite operators, add equipment, and inventory resources as you go.

Create and assign jobs

Add a job, designate a location, equipment, and resources. Assign jobs to operators.

Perform jobs and track resources

Work through your list of jobs. Track equipment data. See jobs others are doing.

Put collected data to work

Analyze your data, generate reports, and make informed decisions. All you need is a web browser.

More Reason To Use FARM COMMAND

Whether you're a producer or grower FARM COMMAND provides the tools to make informed decisions and protect your bottom line.


  • Implement affordable and highly accurate guidance
  • Track variable rate data and resource usage as you work
  • Create jobs and assign them to operators
  • Draw locations and location features with ease
  • Communicate with people and track conversations
  • Generate reports that illustrate land performance
  • Schedule jobs by season and easily assign resources
  • See where operators are located and what they’re doing
  • Visit your list of jobs to see what you need to work on next
  • Provide access to any information to anyone you want
  • Identify areas of waste and operate more efficiently
  • Input land, buildings equipment, and supplies
  • Review local grain markets in real time
  • Remain up-to-date on weather trends
  • See how weather, soil, and farming decisions impact yields
  • Correct tracked data that has been measured inaccurately
  • Track equipment usage by person
  • Review equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Determine equipment fuel usage for specific jobs
  • Compare one location's performance to another’s
  • Determine more accurately the profit-per-acre-per-farm
  • Track production storage and sales

Cattle Command

  • Take control of your total mixed rations
  • Automatically capture weights from leading scale head manufacturers
  • Track individual ingredient weights
  • Accurately record feed deliveries to feed bunks
  • Send new ration mixes in real-time
  • Grant ration mix access to your nutritionists
  • Easily communicate feed bunk adjustments to feed mixers
  • Provide break-even/predictive analysis for cattle buyers
  • Record commodity deliveries as they arrive
  • Input and record cattle received, moved, or sold
  • Digitally document vaccinations, medications, and hormone implants
  • Draw feeding lots and calculate square footage
  • Manage cattle ownership across multiple feed lots
  • Integrate with RFID readers
  • Track individual animal health records
  • Oversee nutrient management plans
  • Streamline paperwork for environmental compliance
  • Generate close-out and mortality reports
  • Setup threshold alerts and notifications
  • Get local market data in real time